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Here you will find a current list of all the members of the 79th Cameron Highlanders, with a small photo showing how handsome our soldiers are and the buxom wenches aren't bad either!!

(If you have any questions for our members, click on their profile picture to send them an email if they have one)


Dave Hind  Honourary Colour Sergeant David Hind re-enactment for over 16 years, having originally been persuaded to “ come along for some fun” by a fellow member of a Scottish Pipe band that both my daughter and myself belonged to.    I now have the honour of being the Senior NCO of our regiment of which I was one of the founder members. The ceremonial aspects of our armed forces, which I believe, are the best in the world, have always impressed me. I therefore take great pride when we turn out our own group of smart re-enactors. Besides this aspect of our hobby the social side of meeting other like-minded persons I think is great.    Finally although I may now be one of our oldest members I believe I still have not forgotten how to have fun.

 Wilm  Drummer Wilma Hind A respected and founder member of the 79th Cameron Highlanders who passed away in February 2016, she will be sorely missed by her family and everybody who knew her and will always be in our hearts and minds R.I.P.

 Anthony  Sergeant Anthony Bartolo  I joined the 79th because I need an escape from real life as I was studying hard at University; it is a fantastic hobby where you get to meet new friends, have a good time and see a lot of new places in the UK and also in Europe. I have been in re-enacting since I was about 11 years old, on and off, and have really enjoyed it and it has now become part of my life. What more can I say!     

Liz  Liz "Mistress Beth" Yardley  I am proud of being one of the founder members of this fine unit which was started by those wishing to effectively and accurately portray the life of all those involved in the Regimental life. This gave me a great opportunity to develop fully the living history side of things, and my greatest pleasure is portraying the life of a wife of the times. I have been in re-enacting in some form or another for over 26 years now and love every minute of it. This is a great way for me to make friends with people of all ages, share interests, socialise and learn about a fascinating period. Highlights of my re-enacting have been filming for Sharpes and several big films, along with fabulous events like Ostend, Liverpool and Military Odyssey. I particularly enjoy the interaction with the public.

Tony  Quartermaster Sergeant Tony Bartolo    I joined the unit mainly because both of my sons, Anthony and Christopher, were already in the unit and they needed a "handyman". I was the unit carpenter for a few years and tried to repair any damaged items, but now I have changed roles and I am now the Quartermaster Sergeant for the unit. I do dress up in the uniform, but do not march or fight in battles, I am to old for that and my legs and feet are not up to it anymore! It is a good hobby and I have met a great many nice people and been to many new places. Come and see us in action or even better join us!

Dom  Lance Corporal  Dom Lafford  I have been in re-enacting for a number of years now, I was in the "Buffs"  before I went into university. When I finished university and got my degree, I came back to Kent I joined the 79th , as some of my friends were in the unit. I do enjoy travelling to all parts of the UK and Europe meeting people and generally having a good time.

James and Bev Private James Hinton  and his fiancé Beverly Caplin  I joined the 79th with my fiancé Beverly a few years ago now. I am heavily into history, especially the Napoleonic wars and am quite read on  this period from the Peninsular wars to Waterloo. The interest in joining the 79th is to bring back living moments of battles and lifestyles 200 years ago,  battles that are now obsolete in fashion but also changed the worlds history. I am now the proud owner of a Brown Bess musket and for me the best part of the re-enactment events is to load and fire it. I like to think of myself as a "Sharpe in a kilt" with apologies to the 95th regiment wannabe's! (James Hinton)

I think everyone would like to be someone else every now and again.  Well this was my chance! Along with my fiancé'  to be someone else in a different time and place. It's great fun having a different identity. Although I must admit it's not a time I would relish living in, but this way I  always get to return to my sacred "white appliances". (Beverly)      

Ashleigh  Ashleigh-Marie Elmer   I had never heard of re-enacting before until Dom told me I should come to one of the events. So I did...only to see if I liked it and I did. Everyone was so welcoming. Since joining the unit I have become a more confident and is not as shy meeting and greeting the public. I have so much opportunities since re-enacting such as dressing up to rock climbing in my pyjama's (everyone loved that!). Most of all it is a great chance to meet new friends that will be there for you no matter what. I would recommend joining this unit due to the sheer amount of fun and laughter that we have.

chris 1  Corporal Christopher Bartolo  I joined the 79tha few years back, when I was 16, mainly to-do something with the family. Since then, re-enactment has branched out into one of my most enjoyable past times and has taken me all over Europe, from France, Spain to Malta. I have now become the unit Pioneer, mainly so I can go on the battlefield with an axe! All ye Frenchmen, hear me and quake in fear. Or like point and laugh, more like.

sacha1  Piper Sacha Small  I am a keen piper, and plaid with the British Airways Pipe Band, where I met Ian who was a drummer with the band. I agreed to help out with the piping in Ostend Belgium, as Ian said it would be a good laugh, and to be honest I haven't stopped (laughing that is). The social life in the unit is fantastic, and the jobs are always good fun and relaxed. I thoroughly enjoy the hobby, as it's what a hobby should be, fun but without dominating my life. I am also a super model by day, and am available for private viewings, if you can stand the sight of my feet!!!!

Kwevin Private Kevin Squibb  Hi, my name is Private Kevin Squibb and I have been in the 79th Cameron Highlanders for a few years now. The reason I joined is that I like Napoleonic history and love to do the re-enacting, which is great fun and learn from it how the people used to live.

b  Surgeon Brian Swain  I was a volunteer at Fort Amherst, when I first met the 79th. They were all very friendly and seemed to be thoroughly enjoying their hobby. I decided to join them because I wanted to be part of a group that obviously loves what they do and enjoys every minute of it. They have made me feel very welcome, and I enjoyed serving as the pioneer; now I am the unit Surgeon and am in still the process of getting all of the equipment. I've learnt a lot, made new friends and visited new and interesting places.

 Aleshia  Private Alisha Amy Rhian Marsh  I joined the 79th a few years ago as a drummer, which I enjoyed, but after a while decided that I really wanted to be in the line and fire a musket. I have been to many new places and met many people since being with the 79th and hope to with them for a long time.

 Andrew Col Colonel Andrew Spiers    As Colonel of the Regiment, Andrew is expert in all the things that senior officers do, such as waving a sword in a semi-threatening manner, being incredibly pompous, and eating lunch! In the immortal words of Corporal Chris Bartolo, Andrew is the 'perfect archetypal poncey Officer'! In all seriousness, Andrew is delighted and honoured to be the Colonel of this fine body of men, even if they haven't got a fine body amongst them!

char  Charlotte Spiers     Hi, I’m Charlotte. A few years ago I went to university for drinking purposes and managed to pick up a bit of history while I was there too!! I’ve been re-enacting for 4 years now and quickly found I love it as it gives me a way to meet like-minded idiots! I met the 79th at the Eastbourne Redoubt recently and found them to be as insane as my husband Andrew and I are – so we decided to join! I’m looking forward to attending many more events with the 79th in the future.

June  June Spiers  June is, unashamedly, the only octogenarian in the unit, proving that you can be any age and still enjoy re-enacting! She tends not to take part in battles, for obvious reasons ("I don't shoot people, dear!"), but as Andrew's Mum, enjoys her position of 'The Colonel's Mother'. As this generally involves sitting somewhere comfortable with a nice cup of tea, talking to nice people, who can blame her?! June enjoys the friendship that is so apparent in the 79th, and enjoys talking to the public and answering their questions..

Dave Surgeon    Assistant Surgeon Dave Richards After being with a more "Elite" re-enactment group for a few years, and not being comfortable with them any longer, I joined 'The 79th Cameron Highlanders' as an obviously fun and dedicated group. I joined to help with the provision of reasonably priced, good meals (and Welsh Cakes). However finding a shortage of meat "on campaign" I have become an Assistant Surgeon, who helps with amputations. (Delicious).

Zoey  Zoey Smith   I first met up with the 79th Cameron Highlanders when I asked if I could take some photographs of them, as I am a professional photographer. After being with them for a while, I really enjoyed their company so soon joined them! We have a good time and enjoy interacting with the public at events, come along and meet us and have some fun!

 . Dave Page  Private David Page  I have always loved history and especially the Napoleonic period, I also wanted to do something different as a hobby, so I joined the 79th Cameron Highlanders! Since being with the 79th my wife Jean as also joined up, so it is true that there is a space for all in the unit. We have both found that we have been accepted and welcomed into the 79th and hope we will be with them for many years to come.

 Ben 2 Private Ben Medlock  I used to work with Andrew Spiers and we found out that we had a common interest in history. He invited me along to meet the 79th and see what they do, and as they say "I was hooked"! I have been with the 79th to France and Belgium as well as events in the UK and have a great time, come along and see us one day!   

Jean paige  Jean Page  I joined the group at first as my husband Dave had joined earlier, so I decided to go along and see what he liked. I was welcomed into the group and have found it very enjoyable meeting new people and going to new places.

   Private Lee Webber  (Awaiting write up and photograph.)

helen Helen Jopson  I have been in re-enacting for a number of years and have been in several different units. I have now have joined the 79th who are a friendly and professional group and hope to be with them for many years to come.

Niamh Hall  (Awaiting write up and photograph.)

Dayne Dayne Wilkosz  One day, Ben (Private Ben Medlock) asked me to come along to one of his re-enacting events. There I was, thinking that I would be watching from the side lines, when suddenly I was being handed a dress and a bonnet! So I put the bonnet and dress on, not entirely sure what to expect, but it turns out that I had a great time. I was greeted by lots of friendly, welcoming people, and had a weekend full of laughter and fun. I was fascinated by all the drills and battles. The 79th can’t get rid of me now!

Private Rhory More   (Awaiting write up and photograph.)

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